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ELearning – Learning via technology. eLearning can mean many things. It could be traditional Web-based training modules, webinars, podcasts, virtual classrooms, blogs, wikis or any number of other formats involving technology.

Blended Learning – A combination of learning formats where the right blend is customized depending on the goals and needs of the training program. Components of a single course or program may include:

  • Web-based modules, Webinars, virtual classrooms and collaborative environments
  • In-person experiences such as orientations, classes, workshops or on-the-job training
  • Performance support documents (for example: Job Aids, Quick References and Checklists)

User-Centered Design – Designing from the perspective of learner needs and preferences. This generally involves gathering feedback and ideas from the learner population at different stages in the design process.

Criterion-Referenced Instruction (CRI) – Developed by Robert Mager, CRI helps us first to determine the nature of the need. Is the answer training or something else? Then we define clear, measurable objectives and what successful mastery of those objectives means. Only after figuring out the need, objectives that address the need, and how to assess mastery of those objectives, do we create practice and instruction to help learners reach the objectives.

Harness the power of online learning!

Leverage our advanced instructional design and production practices to:

  • Create powerfully effective eLearning and blended learning courses
  • Transform current in-person courseware into powerful new formats
  • Take your current online courseware to the next level of effectiveness, delivering greater power and engagement

Power eLearning draws on current research about how people learn online to deliver training that is powerful, engaging, and memorable. With user-centered design and Criterion Referenced Instruction, we produce the right solution – one that targets exactly what learners need.


Simply telling learners what they need to know is not enough to guarantee integration of necessary concepts, information, and skills. With our unusual combination of expertise in both eLearning and interaction design, we can help you get significantly more out of your eLearning investment. Contact us to learn more!


With rapid eLearning development tools such as Articulate and Captivate, we can control costs and get to market fast. For complex, highly interactive designs, we provide custom Flash design and production.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line: we provide the highest standards of eLearning excellence and personalized care. With Power eLearning, you’re gaining more than an eLearning designer—you’re gaining a partner dedicated to your company’s success.

Whether you’re a business eager to increase productivity and save money by moving powerfully into effective online learning, or an eLearning development firm in need of expert assistance—explore this site to learn more, then contact us and add Power to your training!